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The Dog Dude is your friendly neighborhood dog walker & pet sitter offering care and companionship to all dogs throughout Bushwick!

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Who I Am

Sup Dawgs! I'm The Dog Dude, your friendly neighborhood dog walker and pet sitter. I started walking dogs as a side hustle while I pursued my artistic aspirations in the Big Apple and liked it so much that I decided to do it full time. My mission is to provide your furry family member with top notch care and companionship when you aren’t around to do so yourself. Rest assured, when your dog's with me they are in good hands. Their safety is my top priority and to that end, I'm licensed, bonded, insured and certified in Pet First Aid & CPR! I'm also a belly rub and head scratch specialist! Is your dog ready for a new friend?

Bertlee and Dog in Car

What I Do

I offer dog walking and pet sitting service throughout Bushwick. When your dog is in my care you can be sure of the following:

  1. They are with a trained professional who adores all dogs.
  2. They will have my undivided attention for the entire walk.
  3. I will be having as much fun as them on the walk.
  4. They will receive lots of belly rubs and head scratches.
  5. Whether dog walking or pet sitting, any dog with me is guaranteed to be treated with the same love, affection, care and attention that I treat my BFF Zeus with!
Bertlee with Dog

How it works

  1. Fill out a client intake form telling me about your dog and their needs.
  2. Schedule a meet and greet.
  3. Get the party started!

Thats it! Its as easy as 1-2-3!

Bertlee with Dog
Warning: If your dog's with me we may stare lovingly into each others eyes like me and Mimi here

Bertlee is hands down the best dog walker in NYC!!!!!!!!!! He is the only person that I trust to walk my dog because of the care and attention he gives her. My dog Honey (2 y/o beagle pit mix) is a rescue and is very traumatized and afraid of strangers. Bert is one of the only people she trusts - he has been so patient and kind with her and I’ve seen her confidence grow through spending time with him. He is really knowledgeable about dog behavior and it shows - he exudes a calm/confident energy that allows my dog to feel safe with him. He is incredibly thoughtful and provides daily updates and pictures which gives me peace of mind while I’m at work. His rates are affordable and he is incredibly reliable. He also watched Honey for a weekend while I was away, which I was incredibly nervous about given her fear of strangers, and did an INCREDIBLE job; he took amazing care of her and sent me amazing pictures and updates. He is a true dog lover - I cannot recommend him enough!!!

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Shannon Doyle

Honey’s Mom

Is your dog ready for a new friend?