Sup Dawgs! I’m The Dog Dude, Your friendly neighborhood dog walker and pet sitter. I started walking dogs as a side hustle while I pursued my artistic aspirations in the Big Apple, and liked it so much that I decided to do it full time.

Man’s bond with dogs is in my opinion one of life’s greatest joys! They’re basically furry balls of unconditional love. I’ve spent my whole life around them and am absolutely enchanted with their loyalty, innocence and loving nature. Seriously, there is something so pure, innocent and magical about dogs that I just can’t get enough of. I love being around them!

My mission is to provide your furry family members with top notch care and companionship when you aren’t around to do so yourself. Their safety is my top priority and to that end, I’m licensed, bonded, insured and certified in Pet First Aid & CPR!

When your dog’s with me you can rest assured they are in good hands. You can also rest assured that they will be getting lots of head scratches and belly rubs! I’m in good shape so I may even run with them if they’re into that kind of thing. All in all I’m just a guy who really loves dogs and wants nothing more then to make them as happy as they make us!

Five star review

Me and my BFF Zeus!

Five star review

Me as a little Dog Dude with my first dog Shredder!

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